LDV Vision Summit

Innovation & Trends in Video and Digital Imaging

Digital photography and video technologies are revolutionizing how humans communicate and do business.

New innovations are emerging every month and the digital imaging market is poised for exponential growth. As a result, companies are struggling to leverage the right solutions to help them adapt and thrive in the new world.

On June 4, 2014, join us for an interactive one-day summit to discuss trends and technologies in digital imaging and video technology. Meet the world’s brightest technology innovators – and learn firsthand how their visions will transform visual communication and boost or disrupt your businesses.

The LDV Vision Summit is bringing together top imaging technologists, visionaries and investors with the purpose of exploring, understanding and shaping the future of imaging and video in human communication.

We’ll discuss how video and imaging technology is changing the way we communicate – and how it will continue to do so in the next five to ten years.

Presented by Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital

In Collaboration with:
Video Program: Rebecca Paoletti, CakeWorks, CEO 
Computer Vision Program: Serge Belongie, Prof. Cornell NYC Tech and Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary Co-Founder & CEO
Universities: NYU Entrepreneurial InstituteCornell NYC Tech

NYU Eisner & Lubin Auditorium
60 Washington Square S.
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Who Should Attend:

- Technology executives evaluating imaging and video companies for partnerships. Recruiting.
- Imaging and video startups interested in meeting investors, customers and potential partners
- Media and brand executives interested in boosting revenue by leveraging new imaging and video products and technologies
- Computer Vision experts and professionals
- Investors interested in imaging: wearable cameras, facial recognition, visual search, commerce and sharing

Updated agenda is below the speakers

Speakers & Judges

Jan Erik Solem

Mapillary, Co-Founder & CEO.

Sold Polar Rose to Apple.

Megan Cunningham

Magnet Media, Founder & CEO

J.R. McCabe

SVP of Video, Time Inc.

Sophie Lebrecht

Neon Labs, Co-Founder 

Adam Singolda

Taboola, Founder & CEO  


Todd Sawicki

Zemanta, CEO

Om Malik

True Ventures, Partner  


David Aronoff

Flybridge Capital Partners, General Partner

Tobias Peggs

Aviary, CEO  

Offir Gutelzon

Keepy.me, CEO & Founder  

Sold PicScout to Getty Images

Serge Belongie

Professor, Cornell NYC Tech, Computer Vision Expert

Matt Ruby

Vooza, Founder

Employee #1 @ 37signals

Co-Author Rework & Getting Real 

Rebecca Paoletti

CEO, Co-founder, CakeWorks

Evan Nisselson

LDV Capital, Investor 


Kelly Hoey

 Cuurio, Chief Marketing Officer

Rob Fergus

Research Scientist,

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Lab. Professor NYU

David Pakman

Venrock, Partner


Betsy Morgan

The Blaze, President


Gary Bradski

Magic Leap, VP Computer Vision & Machine Learning. Sold Industrial Perception to Google    

Rick Smolan

Against All Odds Productions, CEO. Photographer & Publisher 

Navneet Dalal

Google, Research Scientist.

Sold Flutter to Google

Rich Greenfield

BTIG, Managing Director, Media & Technology Analyst

Tamara Berg

Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Martin Källström

Narrative, CEO & Co-Founder

Erik Nordlander

Google Ventures,

Partner, Engineering   

Eric Berry

TripleLift, CEO & Co-Founder

Moshe Bercovich

Shutterfly, GM Israel

Sold Photoccino to Shutterfly

Ellie Wheeler

Greycroft Partners, Principle

Florian Meissner

EyeEm, CEO & Co-Founder

Brad Svrluga

High Peaks Venture Partners, General Partner

Mike Henry

Outrigger Media, CEO & Co-Founder

Jeffrey Madoff

Madoff Productions, CEO

Jason Krebs

Maker Studios,

Head of Sales

Brian Storm

MediaStorm, Founder & Executive Producer

Ron Haviv 

Photographer &

Co - Founder VII Agency

Erick Schonfeld

TouchCast, Co-Founder

Murat Aktihanoglu

ER Accelerator,

Founder & Managing Director

Rob Go

NextView Ventures,

Co-Founder & Partner

Adam Paulisick

Nielsen Catalina Solutions,

VP of Marketing

Ethan Fixell

Dave and Ethan Show

Dave Ahdoot

Dave and Ethan Show

Alexandre Winter

Placemeter, CEO & Founder

Pankaj Jain

500 Startups, Venture Partner

Jocelyn Johnson 

VideoInk, Founder

Amol Sarva

Knotable, Co - Founder, CEO

Halo Neuroscience, Co - Founder

One Day Agenda

This is the updated draft agenda and we will add time slots soon. Details may change slightly.

8:30 - 9:30am Registration and Coffee

9:30am Summit Opening. Evan Nisselson, LDV Capital - Master of Ceremonies

9:40 - 10:25am CAMERAS: Video, Still & Wearable

Inspiration: Award winning photographer Ron Haviv, VII

Panel: The Future of Cameras 

Which cameras will dominate the market in the next 5 years? 25 years? DSLR, cameraphones or wearables?
Moderator: Evan Nisselson
Martin Kallstrom, Narrative, CEO & Co-Founder
Flo Meissner, EyeEm, CEO & Co-Founder

10:25 - 11:55am COMPUTER VISION: Search, Categorization & Monetization

Keynote: Crowdsourcing Map Photos, Jan Erik Solem, computer vision expert and co-founder of Mapillary.

Keynote: Recent Progress in Computer Vision using Deep Learning, Rob Fergus, Facebook artificial intelligence lab.


Panel: The Future of Image Recognition 

Dozens of machine vision companies have recently been acquired by Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other major players. How will image recognition disrupt businesses and empower humanity? How can we inspire more researchers to bring their vision to market?
Moderator: Evan Nisselson
Serge Belongie, Professor, Cornell NYC Tech, Computer Vision Expert
Gary Bradski, Magic Leap, VP Computer Vision & Machine Learning.
Moshe Bercovich, Shutterfly, GM Israel



Finalists will give 4 minute presentations and receive 2 minutes of questions from the judges.
Serge Belongie, Professor, Cornell NYC Tech, Computer Vision Expert
Jan Erik Solem, Jan Erik Solem, Co-founder of Mapillary
Moshe Bercovich, Shutterfly, GM Israel
Gary Bradski, Magic Leap, VP Computer Vision & Machine Learning
Tamara Berg, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sophie Lebrecht, Neon Labs, Co-Founder
Navneet Dalal, Google, Research Scientist
Rob Fergus, Facebook artificial intelligence lab. NYU Professor
Alex Winter, Placemeter, CEO & Co-Founder

INVESTORS: Trends in Visual Communications Technology

Fireside Chat: Om Malik, True Ventures Partner and Evan Nisselson LDV Capital: How Investing in Visual Communications Can Create Profits and Change Humanity.

12:50 - 1:50pm Lunch  

Panel: Investing Trends in Visual Technology

When it comes to visual communications, investors have experienced mixed results for the past 2 decades. But in the last 5 years, we have experienced a fundamental shift. The phenomenal value created in the sector via Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has turned many heads. What does the future look like?
Moderator: Evan Nisselson
David Pakman, Venrock
Om Malik, True Ventures
David Aronoff, Flybridge Capital Partners


Startups will give 4 minute presentations and receive 2 minutes of questions from the judges.

David Aronoff, Flybridge Capital Partners
Kelly Hoey, Cuurio
Om Malik, True Ventures
Erik Nordlander, Google Ventures
David Pakman, Venrock
Murat Aktihanoglu, ER Accelerator
Betsy Morgan, The Blaze
Ellie Wheeler, Greycroft Partners
Brad Svrluga, High Peaks Ventures
Rob Go, NextView Ventures

Pankaj Jain, 500 Startups  

Amol Sarva, Knotable, Halo Neuroscience

3:05 - 3:35pm SOCIAL – in Search of the Next YouTube, Instagram, Flickr

Inspiration: Consumer Video Sharing Phenomena - The Dave and Ethan Show

Keynote: How the Modern Family Saves and Shares Memories, Offir Gutelzon, Founder Keepy.me

Keynote: Video Founder Confessions, Adam Singolda, founder of Taboola

3:35 - 4:30 pm METRICS, ANALYTICS & BRANDS: Tracking, Measuring & Optimizing

Keynote: How Do We Measure Success? Eric Berry, CEO and Co-Founder TripleLift

Panel: Key Metrics and Brand Engagement 

How do marketers and publishers successfully track and increase video revenue? What is the single most important metric for brands? When is engagement finally going to be monetizable - or is it already?
Moderator:  Jocelyn Johnson, VideoInk, Founder
Sophie Lebrecht, Neon-Labs, CEO & Co-Founder
Adam Paulisick, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, VP of Marketing
Mike Henry, Outrigger Media, OpenSlate Studios

Break: Networking & Bar opens!

5:00 - 6:55pm CONTENT: Engagement, Publishing & Distribution

Keynote: Viral Video Marketing. Matt Ruby, CEO & Founder Vooza.com

Panel: Brands As Publishers and Content Creators: Viral, Authentic and Revenue-Generating 

Brands are publishers, too. What is the magic success formula for balancing messaging with authenticity? How are brands making content more accessible, exciting and viral? How do brands and traditional publishers collaborate to attract bigger audiences, and make more money?
Moderator: Rich Greenfield, BTIG, Managing Director, Media & Tech Analyst
Todd Sawicki, Zemanta, CEO
Jason Krebs, Maker Studios, Head of Sales
Jeffrey Madoff, Madoff Productions, CEO

Tobias Peggs, Aviary, CEO

Keynote: Paradigm shift in digital storytelling. Brian Storm, MediaStorm, CEO & Founder

Panel: Trends in Original Video Programming

Original video programming can be expensive and challenging to create. When is it worth the investment? Can costs be offset with evergreen, stock and other library footage? Will your audience - and your advertisers - support user-generated content? What's working best today and how will this change in the next three years?
Moderator: Rebecca Paoletti, CEO CakeWorks
J.R. McCabe, Time Inc., SVP of Video
Megan Cunningham, Magnet Media, CEO & Founder
Betsy Morgan, The Blaze, President

Erick Schonfeld, TouchCast, Co-Founder

Keynote: The Future of Visual Communications by Rick Smolan, Against All Odds, CEO

6:55 - 7:05pm Closing: Congratulate winners & thanks

7:05 - 8pm Drinks & Networking

Press: Starting the conversation

"Came away with a more enlightened understanding of the image/video space" by Demond Chik
"Spent the day at an amazing event" - LDV Vision Summit" by Kristin Calve
Visual Computing Trends, Visualized. By Om Malik and Jonny Goldstein
Startup Competition Winner: Visiosafe, Alexandre Alahi
Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge Winner: Serena Yeung's EgoStitch
Words are dead. Here's what will replace them. Fortune explores the visionaries who are making it happen.  by  Jessi Hempel
A Video Is Not Just a Video. How computer vision and AI will empower or disrupt businesses. By Rebecca & Evan.
Imaging and video technologies are empowering people, businesses and creating disruption. VizWorld   
Interview with Rebecca Paoletti CEO of Cake Works by Erick Schonfeld of Touchcast
Evan Nisselson and Rebecca interviewed by Erick Schonfeld of Touchcast
Meta #visualweb interview @VizWorld via @googleglass & make pictures of Dean via @getnarrative  
The Digital Imaging & Video Technology Summit – NYC June 4 2014. Ubergizmo
Excited for the Summit, Sebastian Leon, MIT  
Photo ads will matter on Pinterest, Instagram, and far across the mobile internet, says Scott Rafer.
Mapillary curates crowdsourced map content with computer vision. Interview with CEO Co-Founder Jan Erik Solem.
"Evan and his compatriots have lightning in a bottle on this one, so I’m recommending it," says Andy Parsons.
Interview with Martin Kallstrom, Narrative, CEO & Co-Founder
Reinventing Storytelling at the LDV Vision Summit, MotionArtsPro Interview with Evan Nisselson.
Crunchbase Event Calendar
Questions for an Investor: The LDV Vision Summit. A Kaptur Interview with Evan Nisselson
Eric Berry, CEO & Founder Triplelift blog post: What is the visual web and its implications for Marketers?
#decisendipity = Decisive Moment + Serendipity. Evan's presentation at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam.
Apply to compete in the Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge. Jan Erik, Founder & CEO Mapillary
Narrative highlighting the Vision Summit Competitions

Startup Competition

Compete for limited presentation slots in front of ~250 attendees.  Are you one of the most promising imaging & video companies?  Meet investors, customers and potential partners.  Finalists will be invited to NYC for presentation coaching by entrepreneurs/investors.  Then the best will be invited to present in front of the summit audience and judges.
Deadline for application is May 14th, 2014.

Application deadline was May 14th.

Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenges

Compete for limited presentation slots in front of ~300 attendees. Prove that you or your team are computer vision experts!
You will have 22 days to work on challenges from April 23 to the deadline on May 14th, 2014. 

Serge Belongie and Jan Erik Solem have worked together to create the following Computer Vision Challenges for the LDV Vision Summit.  Show off your wisdom to peers, investors, technology & media executives and startups. Finalists will be invited to NYC for presentation coaching by entrepreneurs/investors. Then the best will be invited to present in front of the summit audience and judges.

1. YouTube Video Text
Challenge: The challenge consists of designing an end-to-end system for detecting and recognizing words in the video frames.

2. Egocentric (First Person) Video with head-mounted cameras
Challenge: The challenge consists of producing the best summarization of a given video to a specified length or number of frames, judged qualitatively by a panel.

3. Shoe Attributes with Zappos data
Challenge: The challenge consists of predicting the relative attributes for pairs of men's and women's shoes (open, pointy, sporty and comfort)

Special thanks to Prof. Kristen Grauman at UT Austin for providing the datasets for challenges 2 and 3.

 Application deadline was May 14th.
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